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Bike-Tower: the right bike stand for your bike.

With our central stand, handmade in Germany, we make sure that you can work comfortably on your bike. Solid, high-quality and easy to use.

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Find the right Bike-Tower for your bike now.

Every bike is unique. In our configurator you can select your motorcycle model in just a few steps and order the appropriate bike tower.


Made in Germany. We manufacture with high quality standards and constantly develop the Bike-Tower further.

All connecting parts as well as mandrels and sleeves are made of stainless steel. All moving parts run in sliding bushings and ball bearings.

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Whether additional carrier plate, rollers or sleeves: you will find the right accessories here.

You already have a Bike-Tower, but want to push it back and forth comfortably? No problem with our high-quality shunting rollers.



Perfect fit for your bike.

The Bike-Tower is a central stand for motorcycles that is easy to use and made of high-quality materials in Germany. The self-locking handle system ensures safety and ease of use. The Bike-Tower is powder-coated in two colours, all connecting parts as well as the mounting pins and sleeves are made of stainless steel. The moving parts run in sliding bushings and ball bearings. The Bike-Tower is suitable for assembly work, transport and presentations.

Manufaktur: Genuine handwork

We are a family business

Bernd Brecher (†), Michael Brecher and Aleksandar Bilcar are the developers of the 1st generation Bike-Tower. At our location in Langenfeld the first Bike Tower saw the light of day in 2010. In the meantime, we have developed a second generation of the Bike Tower with tilt adjustment.

How it all began: the article "The future belongs to the brave" from the Circuit tells our story in detail (in German language). Read the article.

Made in Germany

High quality standards

The Bike Tower is not an assembly line product. The materials used are of high quality and are assembled and tested by hand.
Made in Germany.

Your Bike - Your Tower.
Set up now.

Choose the model of your bike and get the right bike tower

Your model is not included? Ask for your model without obligation.


Shunting rollers

The roller set contains 4 pieces, 2 of which are braked. The roller sets have 16 ball bearings, a thermoplastic-coated running surface and a double ball bearing in the fork head.


( included 19% VAT: 14,21 EUR)

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Carrier plate


  • including sleeve (model-specific)

from 89,00

( included 19% VAT: 14,21 EUR)

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VA-sleeve as a replacement for the first sleeve or for a second motorcycle.

  • For attaching the carrier plates.
  • Made of stainless steel.


( included 19% VAT: 5,59 EUR)

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Just a note to let you know I received the bike tower today and very pleased with the quality of build I have only ever purchased Bursig before but I think your unit is far superior and a better build.


Fred Mitchell from Cyprus


The Bike-Tower convinced me because of its quality. Finally I found a central stand for my Yamaha Super Duke that saves space and time.


Harald Bieber


Elle sont d'ailleurs au même prix. je ne regrette nullement mon achat et j'ai déjà commencé des tutoriaux gràce à elle pour la bulle et les protection carbone en devenir. Bref, un excellent produit que vous pouvez acheter sans aucune hésitation.


Vince from France


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