Bike Tower

European patent No. 2554461

While looking for an all-round and affordable bike stand we recognized very quickly:
"We have to create it on our own!" The result after 18 months in the garage, fuming brains and constructive discussions: the bike-tower.
The bike-tower differs from other conventional bike stands:

  • The carrier plate is exchangeable. Therefore the stand itself is a one-time investment and applicable all time
  • Height adjustment of the central stand with a lateral shaft with millimetre accuracy
  • The central stand is lockable in 4 steps and fixed against slipping by a fastening bolt (see also: last videosequence "height adjustment") Therefore it can be used in several situations like: e.g.
  • Winter storage (to unburden chassis and tires)
  • While transportation (tires have still contact with the ground and without compression of suspension the bike can be fastened safely)
  • Repairs and maintenance (easy change of wheel, fork, steering head bearings etc.)
  • Product presentation
  • 4-step toothraster avoiding slipping while lifting-up and lowering the bike
  • All flexible parts run in guidebushes or sealed bearings
  • Rolls can be added optionally, perfect to maneuver in narrow garages
  • 2-colour powder-coated
  • All flexible parts guided by bearings
  • Lead screws, bushes, pins of the carrying plate are made of stainless steel
  • Suitable for racing sports, easy mounting and dismounting tire-heatings-covers

Download Instruction-Sheet

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